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Teach It Forward: Impact 2018 Results

A total of 404 alumni who participated in the challenge, contributing 4,019.4 hours of service and $322,486.09 in matching funds from our remarkable challenge donors: Sanae Ishikawa and Richard Georgi ’87; Lee Shackleford ’80; Anne Melvin ’85; Peter ’71 and Kathy; Jennifer ’90; Jessica ’97 and Gavin McLear ’97; Arun Dhingra ’90 and David Sorkin `81 and others.

Of the participating alumni, 15.1% were pre-1975, 57.43%  were in 1975-99, and 26.98% were 2000-2016.

In 2017, 212 alumni participated in the challenge, contributing 2,517 hours of service and $212,190 in matching funds.

The Genesis of TIF: Impact

As two of the head agents for the class of 2016, Nick Brownrigg and Jace Forbes-Cockell had a brainstorm one night.  They realized their classmates, grateful for what Williams had given them but short on financial resources, were interested in finding a way to support the college with their time.

Jace and Nick knew their friends volunteered for a variety of causes and organizations that made a difference in their communities. They approached the Alumni Fund about finding a way to honor that spirit and help that generosity go further while supporting Williams.

From that eureka moment, Teach It Forward: Impact was born. This special service-focused campaign multiplied alumni gifts to Williams by their volunteer hours over a two-week period in January of 2017. After an overwhelming response, we are excited to mount this challenge once again.

Here’s how it works:

1. Volunteeranywhere — and log your hours online during the 10-day challenge period.
2.  Make a gift to Williams. Any size.
3.  Multiply your gift by your number of volunteer hours, thanks to our generous challenge donors:

The more you volunteer, the greater your gift to Williams.

Thanks for all you do for Williams and for the world.

This map shows regional service projects that were part of TIF: Impact 2018.

Fine print:
The challenge ran from Thursday, Jan. 25, through Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. Service performed during MLK weekend Jan. 13-15 could also be included.
Gifts made anytime between July 1, 2017 and February 5, 2018, counted. Volunteer service had to be performed and logged during the 10-day challenge period. The first $100 of any gift is matched.
The matching gift does not count toward your class’s total in the reunion trophy competition.