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Nurturing Cameroon’s Next Generation of Leaders

I founded Misongi, an organization that identifies, nurtures and connects Cameroon’s most exceptional, motivated youth with leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities. By working with these students — beginning in junior high, Misongi aims to increase the percentage of talented Cameroonian students attending the world’s best universities and to support them to achieve success in their careers and communities. Our students come from across Cameroon and are driven by a desire to (re)discover their culture and the world. Besides being academically gifted, they demonstrate a keen interest for service that translates into the various volunteering activities they engage in their communities. Whether it is learning about water management, doing medical research to improve young inmates’ health care, learning first aid care with the Red Cross or teaching English to teenagers and adults, I am proud of my students’ commitment to making a difference in Cameroon. Proud to be an Eph, and happy to Teach it Forward! Veronique Hob-Hob ’13.

Teaching It Forward By Helping Families Move Forward

This spring, Chloe Brown ’10 and Drew Newman ’04 are preparing taxes for low-income residents of Trenton, New Jersey, as part of the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. As graduate students at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Chloe and Drew became certified volunteer tax preparers. Throughout the tax season, they are volunteering on Fridays at the Arm in Arm social services center (http://arminarm.org/about/ ) where they help this families in need to file their tax returns, access the Earned Income Tax Credit and other programs, and obtain their tax refunds all for free.

Mac Harman ’98

66ef7ab5-3d6e-42e7-8263-948a350d7401In the September 2016 edition of Williams People, Mac Harman ’98 wrote: “I just boarded a flight from Manila to Bacolod City, Philippines, where I’m thrilled to be involved with an amazing NGO called Negrense Volunteers for Change. We focus on alleviating poverty by providing nutrition and education to kids, mostly in squatters’ villages; to be successful we’ve found we must first provide parents with dignity by training them and providing jobs. I’ve been involved for the past three years after Typhoon Yolanda ravaged the region; it really puts our First World lives in perspective.”

Maggie Winslow ’84

As an undergrad studying political science and environmental studies, Maggie Winslow ’84 developed an interest in environmental issues and social justice that was encouraged by her adviser Kurt Tauber. After receiving her PhD at UC Berkeley, she was a founding faculty member for the sustainability-focused MBA program at Presidio Graduate School. Read more…

Elizabeth Baker ’00

Elizabeth Baker ’00, along with Olivia Stapp and Ellen St. Thomas, founded Open Opera in 2008. Open Opera provides a public stage for Bay Area singers, whether they be young amateurs or seasoned professionals. With free performances, Open Opera hopes to ignite a passion for opera and classical music within the Bay Area. Read more about Open Opera here.

Jose Valenzuela ’07

From the Boston Globe, a story about the nonprofit Boston Youth Wrestling program launched by former Eph wrestler Jose Valenzuela ’07 and several of his teammates: “I’ve seen lots of kids go through the Boston public schools without ever having a positive experience,’’ Valenzuela said. “They never have a taste of success. They feel like school is not for them. Then wrestling comes along and they feel like they’re good at something. You can see what it does for them.’’

Wrestling coach Jose Valenzuela, center, founded a nonprofit wrestling program for city kids.

Wrestling coach Jose Valenzuela, center, founded a nonprofit wrestling program for city kids.

Sumant Bhat ’03

sumant-bhat“I’ve seen firsthand how hearing stories from one another can help build previously unseen connections between individuals from different social circles. These stories often reveal what is beneath the surface for those around us, illuminating a depth of character and life experience that we could not possibly know otherwise.” Read more…

Teaching it Forward


We’re making great progress via the Teach It Forward Campaign, and via Purple with Purpose! Check out these quick stats from the spring 2016 issue of Williams Magazine.