Thriving in Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

Williams’ new Integrative Wellbeing Services (IWS) program is meeting the national challenge of student mental health care head-on, rethinking the approach to supporting all students so that they may thrive during and after their time here. In addition to expanding services and staff, IWS is promoting a vision of holistic wellbeing that empowers students to take care of their hearts, minds, bodies and spirits—in short, to cultivate a balanced, healthy life.

With significant investment made possible by the campaign, the college has shifted the paradigm. Thanks, in part, to a new training program, there are more counselors than ever—and the group is more representative of our student body. The ratio of students to therapists is among the lowest in the country. Educational workshops are offered across campus on everything from sleep to stress to sexuality. IWS has established groups and workshops on mindfulness, regulating emotions, healthy peer support and journaling—helping students to recognize, understand and integrate their needs before they reach crisis.

To expand services even further, IWS is piloting Talkspace, a leading-edge online service offered in 40 languages that matches a student with a licensed therapist, with no need for an appointment—all thanks to an anonymous donor.